✨ Want to regain control of your life?

Want to regain control of your life? Start with your energy! It’s the only thing that we truly control!⁠

What most people don’t know or think about is that we each have our own frequency. This is the set point of our vibration.

It’s like shaking a snow globe and the snow flurries around, then settles to the bottom, the floor is its set point.

Think about the last time you got excited about something. Your heart rate increased, your voice got louder, you felt more energetic, maybe you were even flushed. All of these physical effects are in reaction to your increased vibration. ⁠

Those are your flurries, temporarily lifting up your vibration. Then after the excitement passes, you return to your set point.⁠

See the chart in the grid to find your set point.⁠

Once you become conscious of your energy, then you can begin to control it using energy tools. These tools can assist you each and every time you sink into a lower vibration. ⁠

The trick is to make them a practice. Because, that will ultimately raise your set point. That’s the goal, to always be vibrating at a higher frequency. ⁠

That’s why I love energy so much! Because, I can play with it and create whatever outcome I desire!

If you use these tips, they have the power to change your life!!!⁠

Much love,