I often work with women whose lives are no longer working for them. They are going through a life change. How they defined themselves throughout their adult life, no longer fits. At the same time, the world around them is changing and they are not sure who they are in this new paradigm.

They’ve had a “successful” life, but now they feel unfulfilled and desire more. The status quo is no longer enough. They are being pushed/pulled in a new direction, but may not know what that is. Some life change has called them to do and be something different. They are on their spiritual path, but having trouble connecting to their guides or trusting the information that they receive. They feel confused, isolated, alone, and disconnected.

I’m here to help you get clarity around who the new person is that wants to emerge. We work together with your Soul Team to uncover your soul purpose and the best way to bring it forward into the world.
I’m here to guide and support you through the process.

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I have been on a personal healing journey for several years. Along the way, I’ve learned multiple modalities for healing, clearing, and transmuting pain and suffering, physical, spiritual, and emotional. I use these practices in my one-on-one sessions and group workshops with incredible results. And now, they are available to you à la carte at very affordable prices.

If you’re ready to clear trauma, limiting beliefs, connect with your higher Self, co-create a guided visualization, or receive guidance and support, let’s get started!

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This is the perfect session if you are not sure how you want to spend your time with me.

We will meet and let spirit guide us for your higher outcome.

$33 / 30 minutes


Do you have chronic issues in a particular part of your body? On my journey, I’ve found the chakras to be at the root of almost all pain and suffering.

In this session, we’ll identify the health of your chakras, clear the ones calling out for attention, and you’ll go home with energy tools for regular maintenance.

$111 / 30 minutes


In this professional cord removal, we’ll go into the Quantum Field and remove the cords from the roots. Removing past life and ancestral cords from the roots prevents them from reforming and frees you from multi-dimensional trauma that shows up in your current lifetime.

In this one hour session, you will also learn the daily maintenance practice of cord removal.

$55 / 60 minutes


Channeling is the ability to receive messages from behind the veil. As a clairaudient, I hear these messages clearly and deliver them to you in writing or spoken word. All the services below are personally channeled for you.

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I channel a letter, in writing, for you. It can be from any consciousness. It can be from your higher Self, soul team, or your future Self. I channel the letter the morning of our call, then read it to you when we meet.

If you have questions, often the consciousness will come through live to answer you. You will receive a photocopy of the letter and the zoom audio recording.

$33 / 30 minutes


Not trusting the connection to your inner voice? Curious to meet and connect with this part of yourself? Need clear guidance with a decision or challenge in your life?

In this channeled session, I connect live to your higher Self and act as a bridge to introduce you, answer questions, or provide guidance. This is an interactive experience and it includes the zoom audio recording.

$55 / 30 minutes or $111 / 60 minutes


Are you connected to your higher Self, but… Want to deepen your connection or relationship? Feel like there’s still integration to occur? Don’t trust your guidance?

In this session, I will lead you through a guided visualization ceremony where you will connect and Integrate with your higher Self. This ceremony is for you if you’re already connected to your higher Self and it’s time to deepen the connection and receive clear trusted daily guidance.

$111 / 60 minutes


Do you have chronic physical discomfort, like digestive issues, constipation, migraines, or lower back pain?

Physical ailments have an emotional source. In this session, we will isolate and clear the emotional root causing the physical issue. This often provides immediate relief by eliminating the issue. This healing does not substitute for professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.

$111 / 30 minutes


Often when I need clarity around something in my life, I ask my guides to show me what I need to know or what is available to me or what the possibilities are around the highest outcome possible. These visualizations are channeled by your higher Self.

I am only the voice leading you.

They are fun, surprising, and enchanting. I’m often surprised and delighted by what comes through. This is such a unique and entertaining way to receive guidance for some of life’s bigger quandaries.

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Envision your life through the lens of who you came here to be. Be born again in the present moment and use all that you know now to get clear on what new life is ready to be birthed.

This is a perfect session to launch you into a new chapter of your life with clarity and confidence.

$33 / 30 minutes


It’s your birthday! Give yourself or a friend a guided journey about anything!

Want clarity on the year ahead or something you’re going through? Want to escape from “reality” and experience a fantasy of yours? You can experience anything you desire in this channeled sensory experience.

$33 / 30 minutes


Intention Setting is one of the most important parts of starting anything new. With a clear and heartfelt intention, anything is possible and the highest outcome probable.

Use your guides and higher Self to guide you through powerful intention setting imagery.

$33 / 30 minutes


Meeting the future self aligned with your highest timeline can help you see what’s possible in your life, giving you the confidence and clarity in the next step to take.

We can look ahead to any length of time: 3 months, 1 year, 3 years. Pick any time-frame! This is super fun, surprising, and a powerful experience.

$33 / 30 minutes


Quantum Field Healing (QFH) is based on the Theta Healing modality of Vianna Stibal. QFH channels the power of God to support you in whatever area you need help with. The clearing protocols are very effective for clearing limiting beliefs, trauma, and extremely effective for manifestation. It’s a practice I’ve added into my daily practice with great success. It’s fast, easy, and very effective.

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Eliminate your dependence on antihistamines for any and all allergies. This quick and easy clearing will rid you of all your allergies: dogs and cats, food allergies, and even pesky seasonal sneezing and runny nose.

This clearing is less than 30 minutes with immediate and permanent results!

$33 / 30 minutes


Sometimes our body develops an allergy to something to protect you after some sort of trauma and the trauma must be cleared first.

This is something we will identify upfront, before proceeding with the clearing. If so, it takes an extra 20 minutes or so to first clear the trauma, and then we can clear the allergy.

$55 / 45 minutes


Our traumas can begin as physical and emotional, but as time passes, unhealed trauma becomes lodged in our emotional body. This can result in pain and discomfort of all kinds.

The Emotional Trauma Clearing heals and transmutes the trauma from your emotional body in 30 minutes or less. You will feel immediate relief and a lightness of being.

$55 / 30 minutes


Feeling fear, anxiety, and worry? Are you experiencing the same challenges over and over? These emotions most often stem from your limiting beliefs. With QFH, most beliefs can be cleared and your brain reprogrammed in 30 minutes or less. Clearing your Limiting Beliefs is an important step toward becoming whole and fulfilled.

$55 / 30 minutes


“The session we did together was such an incredible gift to me. I had questions about relationships and the answers you gave me were so on point. The answers were really so clearly from my higher self because there were things that you knew about me that you could not possibly have known otherwise.

Even though I came to you for answers about relationships, I got so much more because there were things that my higher self wanted me to know that weren’t even on my radar. One of the parts I like the most about the session was that you gave me practical steps to take to heal the deeper issues I wasn’t even aware of.”


“I have had stomach issues my entire life and have tried everything from diets to cleanses to specific meditations…. I felt at such a loss and thought I was going to have to live with constant pain for the rest of my life.

In my session with Michelle, I asked her to ask my higher self if my issues were emotional and what could I do to heal myself. The answers I received brought tears to eyes and so many instances from my life flashed through my mind as Michelle shared the answers being given to her. It all made sense and I felt as if I already knew, deep down….

I felt this wave of relief and asked Michelle for some guidance as to what to do. The tools she gave me to heal myself were so beautiful and so effective that I immediately started to feel relief. Not only that, three days later a workmate of mine said “Dorit, you are illuminating this beautiful white light”

Thank you, Michelle for your love, support and guidance. I’m continuing to practice the tools I’d been given and am feeling better & better everyday. True healing is happening.”

Dorit wright

“Working with Michelle has brought tremendous changes into my life. Before I met her, I had self-esteem issues and needed clarity and direction on so many life issues. From helping me understand the power I possess through my mind and spoken words, she taught me how to manifest and unlock my true potentials.

Within two months of working with her, I manifested my dream home and expelled large chunks of fibroids from my body. I must say, Michelle is that coach that makes having a coach an important part of everyone’s life.”

Veronica paul