✨ I AM that I AM

The past few months have been all about letting go to make space for all the new coming in.

Do you feel that way too?

I feel like Source has so much to teach us and show us as we expand into our greatness.

I heard this phrase a couple years ago when I was getting out of the shower.

“Expand into your Greatness!” it said.

I thought it was the tagline for my jewelry business, as I was in the process of rebranding. It took me months to realize it was talking to me and encouraging me to become what I came here to be.

Recently, I’ve been integrating the concept of this Greatness as I AM God. It’s something you learn from spiritual teachings, but I’ve found it a challenging lesson to truly wrap my head around.

For hundreds of years, we’ve been programmed that God is outside of us. That all spiritual beings are somewhere out there in the clouds, including God.

To turn that on its head and understand that it’s all within us, is a big leap! At least it was for me!

This past week, it’s really come to light that I AM God. That’s what the I AM Presence is. It’s the God within me.

If you were raised in the church, this concept may be triggering for you. “How can I be God?” you may ask yourself.

But it’s all in the Bible!

You weren’t taught the truth, because then you would know how powerful you really are!


I’m here to tell you to own that! Step into your greatness now!

We are all waiting for you to behold the magnificence that is you!

We are waiting for you to fully embody the I AM Presence within!

We are waiting for you to get out of your own way and start living the life you came here to live.

We are waiting for you to embody the truth of who you are.

To realize that all you think you know is an illusion.

What’s real is Your GREATNESS.
What’s real is LOVE.
What’s real is YOU ARE GOD.

Read those three lines again out loud and pay attention. Where do you feel that in your body?

That’s how you know something is the truth. You feel THAT in your body!

I would love to hear where you are in integrating this concept on your journey. Comment and let me know.

In Love and Light,