⌛ Time For a Change?

Do you feel safe? 

Since I decided to become an international nomad, the number one thing people say to me is “BE SAFE!”


It’s been such an overwhelming response, it made me realize how unsafe much of humanity feels right now! 

I believe for those living in the 3D and looking at the world, it’s scary because everything they thought they knew about the world is changing into something unknown. That feels unsafe. 

But, what if all these changes are happening for us? What if what we thought we knew was all an illusion of safety and security? What if all the changes are making the world a safer, more loving place to live?

That’s living in the 5D! 

Knowing that you’re not only safe, but protected by all your Angels and Guides. Because you’re here for a reason! The planet needs you and your unique gifts!

So next time you visit fear, uncertainty, or doubt, (and we all visit because we’re human), just let it pass through you. It’s just Energy in Motion = Emotion. 

Remember that the only thing that’s not an illusion in your life is LOVE. Love of Self, Love of Life, Love of God. Open to give and receive love to yourself and others with every encounter.

Love and Fear cannot coexist! 

Remember the world is not unsafe, it’s unpredictable! None of us know what’s going to happen! The key is to believe that whatever happens, it’s happening for humanity! 

I believe it’s all happening FOR YOU! 

No matter what you’re being guided to do, even if it seems totally crazy, (and most likely it will!) know that YOU ARE SAFE! That EVERYTHING is happening for you to become the highest version of yourself!

Comment and let me know what crazy thing you’re being guided to do. 

Or better yet, be brave and share it with your peers for support in the Facebook group. Some of you have shared that you’re making big bold moves in your life!

I’m sending you love, light, and the courage to take your next step!

Much love,