How I support you


Creating more freedom in your life

As an entrepreneur, do you wonder what it would feel like if your personal and professional lives were easier? What if you had the time to do those little things each day that help you be the best at what you do and who you are? I use my life skills of systems management to help you get organized as well as my business prowess to identify potential opportunities for improvements in your day to day operations.


Encouraging work life balance

Do you have to choose work over personal matters? Do people comment that you’re hard to reach? Are your days eaten up with non-revenue producing tasks? I come to each client as a humble contributor, open to assist you with whatever you need. Often the best place to start is with things that you don’t enjoy doing. Things that you don’t do well. Things that are process oriented and time consuming.


Allowing you to focus on your strengths

I am a business person with a strong creative side. If you are a creative, I understand your temperament and can help you with business tasks that drive revenue, like proposals, presentations, contract negotiation, and sales. That leaves you free to do what you do best, CREATE.



Administrative Support

Do you spend hours a week doing mundane administrative tasks that are non-revenue generating? Let me do that for you, while you focus on bringing in new clients and working on your creative  projects. I am proficient in: 

  • PipeDrive
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Canva
  • Later
  • Slack
  • LinkedIn
  • Basic ClickFunnels Administration

What I don’t know, I can learn. I am a fast study. 

Can you afford to waste time on non-revenue generating tasks? 

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Creative Support

Visually I am gifted with a great sense of style, color, space, balance and theme. 

Do you need help with stock photos or quotes for creative projects, online marketing, blogs, or daily posts to Social Media? 

How much time would you be able to create in your schedule by sourcing this out?

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Collaborative Support

As a seasoned business professional, I am a great sounding board for client situations, proposals, projects, and marketing efforts.

It can be isolating as a solo entrepreneur.  Do you ever feel like you could use a second opinion on things?  Or someone to bounce ideas off of?

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Account Management

As a professional salesperson with over 30 years of experience, I have amazing people skills. 

Do you need someone to follow up with clients and manage contractors to ensure that things run smoothly  and on time?

How much would your stress level be reduced if you had someone to do this for you?

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“When I started working with Michelle my business was exploding and I didn’t have time for anything in my personal life. Michelle came in and helped to sort it all out and did all the things that I didn’t have time for --- like fixing my broken phone screen, taking care of financial matters, working with me on proposals, loading critical travel details into my calendar. She found a great person to help with my design production needs. She even encouraged me keep my yoga practice as a priority. All of these things made my life so much easier and allowed me to focus on the creative aspects of my business and have a better work balance.” 

- jh, creative director

Michelle has been a huge asset to both my business and personal life. She has helped me with client care, project management, follow up calls (both personal & professional), getting financial matters taken care of (bills paid, follow up questions re bills), scheduling, and researching event spaces, saving me tons of hours on activities that eat up time -- and that are not my zone of genius!  This frees me up to do the work I love -- launch strategy, consulting, content development, and video coaching. It’s been a real game changer in my business to free up the time to focus on the things I truly enjoy, knowing that she’s taking care of the rest. Michelle is smart, competent, calm, supportive, mature and the consummate professional. She’ll be an asset to any business. I highly recommend her!

- Michelle Lange, MLange Media

About Me

My Background


Being a salesperson is like having your own business. Most importantly, you are responsible to hit your financial targets. In addition, building relationships and account management are also important. There were also the support responsibilities. 

I have experience booking travel and accommodations, as well as planning and hosting client dinners to entertain and educate clients. I coordinated conference calls over multiple time zones, created presentations, negotiated contracts, facilitated meetings with key decision makers, followed up with clients to close deals and build relationships. As your assistant, I use this experience to support your vision and help you to grow your business.

I can also jump in if you need help with managing your personal life; opening and organizing mail, getting financial matters in order, and making calls on your behalf. Whatever you need help with, I’m here to support you.

Personal Assistance


Having a good work life balance is my passion. In addition to helping you with sales support, I can also jump in where you need help with your personal life: opening and organizing mail, getting financial matters in order, and making calls on your behalf. Whatever you need help with. 

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Corporate Experience


  • Account Management
  • Sales Outreach and Closing 
  • Relationship Building
  • Prepare & Present Proposals
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Entertain  Clients
  • Generate Quotes
  • Plan and Book Travel & Accommodations 
  • Coordinate Calls over Multiple Time Zones
  • Prospecting 
  • Create & Deliver Sales Presentations
  • Create & Deliver Sales Training specific to organization

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