🌟 Want to Raise Your Vibration?

I’ve been noticing lately that there’ve been a lot of old memories popping up for me.

The first time it happened, I thought “that’s so random, that was years ago!” and I pushed it down and moved on with my day. 

Then, it happened again and again! Old memories of shame from a High School and other old stuff coming up. Then, it occurred to me that maybe this is happening for a reason, just like all the shadows of our society.

As you know, I’ve been talking about all the darkness of our society being brought to the surface to be healed. I realized that is what all these seemingly random memories of stuff I did as an unconscious youth. They must need to be healed and transmuted into the light!

Then, I heard that to move forward into the new Earth energy, we must clear and release lower density thoughts of shame, guilt, fear, anger, judgement, and any other lower vibrational emotions that no longer serves us.

This takes me back to a tool I shared with you months ago about how to transmute uncomfortable feelings into the light, using love.

Once I realized this was happening, I  became aware of when these memories pop up and now I use that tool to send them on their way. Since these are just little snippets, not accompanied by deep emotional pain, they are much quicker and easier to clear. 

If this is happening to you too, here are the steps to clear them:

Become Aware!

Stop what you are doing and take a quick moment to relive the memory. Take yourself back there. How old were you? What was happening in your life then?

Acknowledge any pain that you were feeling or trauma that was happening in your life.

Send love to your past self about that moment. If you were “acting out” there was most likely a good reason. Even if it was just that you were immature and didn’t really know any better at the time. You know better now!

Think about how far you have come, how conscious you are about your character and being a good person and how acting in integrity is now part of your day to day life.

Then, release this memory to God and ask him to transmute it into the Light.

You’re done!

This should take less than a minute. Then, that memory is gone, as well as any shame or guilt that was sticking in your energy body.

Every time you do this, you are raising your vibration and the vibration of the world around you. If we all took a moment to do this, our world would be a much kinder place to live.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Much love,