🤔 Who knew “bad” feelings are so important!?!?!?!

I’m a pretty optimistic person. After spending years in corporate sales, I guess you could say I’m a professional optimist.

But, I had a moment recently that brought to my attention that I only feel the “good” feelings.

You might say what’s wrong with that? The answer is everything!

You might not be aware, but feelings are there for a reason. They are there to let you know what’s happening within you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What I realized was that I was categorizing my feelings as good and bad.

Good feelings – YAY! HAPPY DANCE!

Bad feelings – OH NO! GOTTA GO!!!

I thought I was letting them go, but I didn’t know that they needed to be felt before they could be released. I missed that step! As soon as they entered and were tagged as bad, the unconscious suppression began!

Feelings are especially important now as we are experiencing the Great Awakening. As the frequency on the planet increases, dense dark energies are coming to the surface so we can LOVE them into the LIGHT! 

You can see it in the division of countries around the globe. People are no longer hiding their unpopular thoughts and opinions. They are wearing them loud and proud, even having T-shirts made!

This is all coming up for us to heal. To heal ourselves and to heal the planet.

Feelings are especially important when you are having health issues. What I’m learning as I’m healing my body is that my digestive issues are not about food, they are about my feelings!

(Thank you! Jeannie Kulwin!)

If your body is expressing anything “bad” or “wrong”, take a moment to explore your feelings! Your body may just need some LOVE!

Much love,