🤔 Feeling More Emotional Than Usual?

Energetically, this was an extremely emotional week for everyone. For me, painful emotions came up wanting attention all week long. Mostly centered around trauma that I experienced many years ago.

When it happened, It was so painful I felt broken. I felt like my heart was an open wound that refused to clot.

Then, after living in sorrow and pain for over a year, I needed to get on with my life. So little by little, I packed it up in a box and set it aside. At least, I tried to.

But, what I’ve learned is that pushing aside or shutting down isn’t healing. When we experience deep pain, we can’t just push it down or let it go. We can’t just “Get over it” as people say.

It’s energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form. To truly let go of pain, you must transmute it to love.

The thing about pain is that until you do the healing work, it lingers. Often undercover or unconsciously. Then, there comes a day when you’re triggered and it comes to the surface letting you know “I’m still here! Are you ready to heal me now?”

I share my story because to me this pain is deep and ugly and old, very old! It hasn’t come to the surface for years, because I have carefully orchestrated my life around it.

But, even with the most careful orchestration, pain will find a way back to you.

I knew it would show up, because I dared to build my dream life without it! Imagining that it would magically heal itself in divine timing.

But now, I know better. I need to go there and heal this wound.

Do you see now why the George Floyd story is happening?

Because, the United States is in pain and we’re trying to put our lives back together to build a new life.

A Dream in an ascended reality.

So the pain, the deepest wound of our country – Racism – is bubbling up to the surface to be healed.

One step further, energetically, the reason this is happening now, is because the planets have literally aligned for this purpose.

Their energy is exposing our deep, dark, ugly wounds to be healed, both personally and in the collective.

And, there’s nothing deeper, darker or uglier than racism!!  On that I think we can all agree!

But, what happened to George Floyd is not new. This has happened over and over again! Many times on film! Yet still went unpunished!

So, I have to ask, WHY. Why is this time different!!!?!!?!? Not just for racism, but for me and my pain.

This time is different, because WE ARE DIFFERENT!


This needs to be healed so we can all move forward in LOVE!

Every time you heal your own pain, you bring light to the world!

Much love,