❗ LET GO!!!!

This week is another life-changing full moon! 

They keep coming and coming, because we are all waking up in our own time. The Universe is offering multiple opportunities, so each of us can expand in our own Divine time.

This moon is another opportunity for you to step fully into your true authentic self. The self you’ve become as a result of all the work you’ve been doing these past few years.

Full moons always bring closure. This moon is supporting you in releasing whatever you’ve been holding onto from your past that no longer serves you.

It’s most likely something you know you’re done with, but can’t release because you’re energetically attached. 

For me, it’s my ‘stuff’. Stuff I’ve coveted and want to hold onto. Mostly because I’m journeying into the unknown and feel like I’ll be safe if I have my stuff. Whether it’s with me or in a box somewhere, I’ll feel safe if I keep this stuff. 

But, the Universe said “You don’t need that stuff. You’re creating a new life and with it will be new stuff. Know that you are whole without your ‘stuff’. We love you.”

Later this week, I had another AHA about the stuff I’ve already packed. I realized I don’t need it either! 

Especially the jewelry and crystals!

Today, I’m going to work with the Archangels to go through it all with a fine toothcomb! I’ll be asking if anyone in my community would benefit from this. If your name comes up, I’ll reach out.

 It continues to be my intention to find a home for as much ‘stuff’ as possible!

Thank you all for witnessing and supporting me on this journey!!! The gratitude I feel for all of you knows no bounds!

With much love,

P.S. We are ALL going through this together! Please let me know how I can support you! I am here to serve.