😴 How do you sleep?

One of the life lessons that I’m learning right now is how to quiet my mind and live in more silence.

This is an ongoing lesson for me and probably one of the most challenging lessons of my life!

A couple of reasons for this is: I grew up in a big loud family and now I live alone.

But, the bigger reason is my Insatiable curiosity! I always wanna be learning!!

Spiritually, the mind was created to be a clear magnetic field of conscious energy holding the vision for what you want to create and manifest in your life. It wasn’t designed for all this content coming at us 24/7.

The need for clearing our mind has never been greater. I can literally see the effect this ‘noise’ is having on me by how it’s showing up in my nightly sleep.

 According to Ayurveda, there are three cycles of cleansing or processing happening each night when we sleep. Based on these cycles, I can tell where my body is overloaded or overwhelmed by the cycle that is disrupted each night while I’m sleeping.

For me, as for most people, it’s from 2-6am. That’s when the mind processes and integrates all the creative content you consumed that day.

Lately, every other night, I’ve been waking up at 2a. Can’t get back to sleep, then I get up at 4am.

On top of it showing up in my sleep, I’m also getting messages about the importance of silence and that all the answers I seek are within. The lesson here is that the wisdom I seek is in the silence.

Take that in. It’s not in a book or on Social Media. It’s within me!

My friend Cathy Wilke once told me that:

“When you create an empty space, the Universe will fill it in the most amazing ways.”

When I am able to quiet this busy mind and stop filling it with unnecessary and random information, I find that the empty space of silence is often filled with divine inspiration: creative ideas or clues leading to answers that I seek.

Much love,