🫶 Truth about Silent Retreat

I posted this in my personal public Facebook page about my silent retreat. Today, I want to share more about my experience. 

The Truth about what I Learned!

I thought I booked this retreat in Spanish totally by ‘accident’ last December.  

But, I realized in the closing ceremony that the three-day English retreat was not originally offered. It was only added later, after I booked. 

This was no coincidence! I was meant to be here now during this Leo full moon. 

This was definitely Divinely Timed!

This February 5th Leo full moon ended a six-month cycle that began last August. 

When I think back to the first two weeks of August, I was visiting Bucerias to find my winter home. 

Think back, what was going on with you?

During that time, I also began a series of multidimensional healing sessions with a good friend who was developing a new healing protocol.

These sessions proved extraordinarily healing for me and shifted my physical relationship with food. I was magically able to eat many more foods with little to no consequence.

The following month, I was guided to a new healer to clear another ongoing issue I’d been having.

This new healer totally understood all the psychic gifts that had been bestowed upon me in 2020. 

She explained to me that I had become Trans Medium. A person that travels out of their body to multiple dimensions. 

In December, I was invited to join her healing clinic with others also developing their gifts. 

During this time, the relationships with my earth family were incredibly strained and holding me back from fully enjoying this new life I’m creating. 

After spending Christmas with them, I realized at a deep level that they would never understand and it was time to release the emotional cords that were keeping me tethered to the 3D.

Then, after connecting to my spiritual heart and experiencing the Leo full moon, I had a monumental A-HA! 

“I am not of this earth! I am a galactic being!”

This is an extremely condensed version of my journey. I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks. 

But, for now, I finally know who I am and why I’m here! 

Because of this, I will be spending the next couple of months realigning my business and the Facebook community to support you in a new way. 

I’m not entirely sure what that looks like yet. But, I do know the Lightworkers Ascension Support Group will be offering a container for ongoing support this year. 

This is going to be a challenging year for all humans. 

But, my role is to support those of you who are also multidimensional beings. Right now, we are all being activated into our soul’s mission and purpose. 

I know this may seem crazy to some of you. But, many of you reading this email are galactic beings here with a big mission!

If this resonates with you, I’d love for you to click reply and just say “Yes”. If you’d like to share more, even better!

This is not what I envisioned for my life or my business, but I am devoted to living an authentic life and this is how I am being called.

I love you.