👶 Only Wet Babies Like Change

Have you figured it out yet?!?!? This time of incredible upheaval is about CHANGE. WE CAN NO LONGER GO ON LIVING THE SAME WAY we’ve been living.

We are being asked to CHANGE:
Our RELATIONSHIPS and how we interact with each other.
How we do BUSINESS, and maybe it’s time for you to change your JOB.
How we DRESS, by always accessorizing with a MASK.
WHO WE ARE in the world.

We are literally being asked to CHANGE EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE as we know it.

With change, there’s a feeling of resistance, uncertainty, even anger. Especially when the change is required and even mandated. It’s like we’re not being given a choice.

The thing is, WE HAD A CHOICE. For many of us, this choice has been knocking on our door asking to be ushered in and welcomed for a long time, maybe years!

I felt this way when I gave up drinking a while ago. I had known for years at some point I was going to live a sober life in my last chapter. But, I couldn’t quite make the change voluntarily. I waited until my body said “It’s time.”

What was so great about that was that IT WAS TIME! I had created a new circle of friends and our interactions were based on the positive new entrepreneurial life that I was creating.

When we connected for coffee, we talked about what we were creating and how we could collaborate or introductions we could make to help each other.

Instead of cocktails and gossip, we came together with creative ideas and beautiful stories of overcoming struggle and adversity to motivate us to keep working to make the world and our community a better place.

When I finally was asked to let go of alcohol, I WAS READY. It no longer served me. I no longer needed to self-medicate. I was deep in the HEALING process.

I had committed to become the BEST VERSION of myself and she was not a two-martini girl. This new me was full of ideas and creativity and got high from the books I was nourishing with.

I was learning from all the masters old and new. I found a RENEWED CURIOSITY about life. It led to an insatiable appetite for learning.

All that I was reading and absorbing from my new environment was nourishing my soul. I was building a strong foundation of BELIEF.

BELIEF that it doesn’t matter how old I am or what I look like or how I spent the last 20 years of my life. I WAS ENOUGH just the way I am in the present moment.

Not only am I enough, but I can be anything I want to be! It’s not too late.


It seems like the Universe is saying the same thing to the collective. IT’S TIME! Are you READY?!?!?

Let me know how you are feeling about this change or if you need help BELIEVING.

Much love,