🎭 U Can Leave Ur Mask On


I wrote this email a couple of months ago and am finally sending it with my latest feelings.

When I started writing about this topic, I made the mask video flippantly reacting to my frustration around this new legal requirement. I didn’t post it anywhere at the time. I think I subconsciously knew there was more to the story.

About a week later, a dear friend shared on Facebook her emotional response to those of us who chose not to wear masks.

I became intrigued with the topic, since the masks had been on my mind and I felt the opposite way. I read through the feed of over 20 replies and was able to see that this MASK TOPIC WAS HUGE FOR BOTH SIDES!

My take away from this exchange was that it wasn’t about how I felt or the law, it was that wearing a mask demonstrated KINDNESS FOR OTHERS.

Shortly after, I realized I was having an EQUAL and OPPOSITE emotional REACTION to seeing everyone wearing the masks.

These EXPRESSIONLESS FACES are so disconcerting! I really miss seeing people’s full face. I really miss people smiling at me! Even just the polite smile and nod of a stranger!

No matter how we feel, these MASKS ARE HERE TO STAY! I went the scarf route for many months, but recently, in full acceptance and surrender, I broke down and bought a “fun” mask.

Over the past months, I’ve had emotional conversations with friends and family sharing their own fears and emotions around this topic. Like politics everyone seems to have a strong emotional opinion about masks!

On a positive note, I haven’t heard any emotional political conversations about the election this year!

After much contemplation and local discussion, I now find myself being pro-mask. I’m not sure they’re doing anything, especially outside, but energetically I believe these MASKS ARE INTENDED TO UNIFY US.

What’s so ironic about this whole situation is that as we move into this new world, spiritually we are being asked to remove our emotional masks and step into our authenticity!

So maybe these physical masks are serving a purpose by providing a TRANSITION period. While we are removing the masks of the person we’ve been presenting to the world for all these years, we get to unveil ourselves slowly.

Before we completely reveal our true self, we have some time to slowly unveil ourselves, so we don’t feel so vulnerable and exposed as we stand in this new world as our true selves.

Cue that old song by Joe Cocker “You Can Leave Your Hat On…”
Here’s the song

I hope this blog has given you food for thought on this mask topic. In the meantime, wear your mask as a Kindness and an Action toward Unity Consciousness.

Much love,