💜 Stop trying to help!

Humanity is at another critical choice-point and will be for the next several months. 

The Universe is asking EVERYONE TO CHOOSE between two life paths.

Are you going to wake up and be part of the creation of the new Golden Age?

Or, are you going to stick with your comfort zone and live life as you always have?

One path is choosing to live in a NEW WAY rooted in LOVE and ABUNDANCE. 

You have chosen and are already experiencing New Earth 5D living by creating the new Golden Age in your own life and helping others do the same in theirs.

The other path is living in the 3D Matrix rooted in the past energies of HARD WORK, PAIN, and SUFFERING.

At this point, many have made their choice and are firm in their decision. 

But, there are still many awakening and just starting to see through the illusion. 

As the world becomes more and more divided, each of us that have chosen the higher path must decide how to interact with the lower density beings we encounter in the world and in our personal circle of friends and family.

When you encounter these humans and see/feel all the pain and fear they carry, you may wonder, “How can I help this person with their suffering?”

You are a healer and a Lightworker, you want to help!

You want to help everyone to feel better! 

You know there’s a better way!

You know life is too short to live in pain and suffering!

I feel the same way!

I’ve been watching a family member struggle with her health over and over for years! 

She plays the victim and proclaims how unlucky she is!!

But, the truth is, she’s a Lightworker and has been for years and the universe is trying to guide her to higher states of consciousness.

But, she’s stuck in fear and logic and her programming won’t allow her to even consider a life without suffering!

Sad to say, but her comfort zone is pain, suffering, and lack. 

She’s terrified of anything out of the ordinary, anything not “normal”. 

It pains me to see her live this way!

But, when I asked my Angels to help, they replied, “She’s made her choice.”

“Just as you want them to accept you and your choice, you must accept them and theirs.”

That’s when I really understood! 

She’s made the choice to suffer!

She’s the only one that can choose another way!

My family thinks I’m a wackadoodle!!

But, when I look at them and see all the fear and pain, I wonder how they do not see it?!? 

You have these people in your life too!

You most likely feel compelled to help them. 

But, you can not! 


You’re here to help those that want to change, not waste your energy with those who have chosen not to!

So, next time you feel the urge to send love or help someone out of their pain, ask yourself…

Are they willing to change? 

Are they open to seeing the illusion for what it is?

Or, have they already decided that what they’ve known all their life is the truth, end of conversation?

Once you accept this, it may make it easier to let them go with peace of mind.