🌕 Blood Moon in Taurus

For the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling and had little time or energy for my regular morning practice. Which, for the last few years has consisted of hours of energy work. 

For the past few years, my body’s been in a constant state of healing and in need of regular attention. 

But, that’s all changed! Over the last several months, it’s transformed and I’m finally able to eat what I want and I have so much more energy! 

Since arriving in this new city, I’ve been in full resistance to what used to be the foundation of my day!

Today, I woke up and said “No, not today!” I started writing and journaling instead. 

It was so much more enjoyable!

I feel FREE! 

Then, I had an A-HA!

Something’s shifted! What I was doing and have been doing for quite some time, no longer resonates! 

I’ve leveled up and my morning practice needs to level up too!

I want to start my day feeling creative and empowered. Not in need of help and support!

For years, I relied on the Archangels and other benevolent beings for help, healing, and guidance. But, no longer!

I am powerful! 

I finally know this at the core of my being. 

I AM MORE POWERFUL than any other energy! There’s no energy more powerful than me!

I have been affirming this for months, and NOW, IT IS TRUE!

Whatever I need, I CAN DO! 

I am remembering who I AM!

This last eclipse triggered something within. 

Something BIG!

Are you feeling it too?!?!?

Comment and let me know what you are feeling today after Tuesday’s big eclipse!

In Light and Love,


P.S. Taurus the Bull visited me the morning of the Eclipse!

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