🇲🇽 I Am Your Guide

I just celebrated my one year anniversary living in Mexico! 🇲🇽

It’s been a year of rest, introspection, and healing. 

As well as a year of accelerated personal growth and spiritual expansion. 

Over the past year, I decompressed and began healing and rebuilding my body. 

Not the year I had planned, but the year I needed!

The year my body needed.

This year, I learned the importance of taking care of my body during this spiritual expansion. 

I thought connecting to God was all about the third eye, crown, and heart chakras.

It turns out connecting to God is all about connecting with your body. 

So many people talk about the earth needing our help, but what about your body?!

Are you prioritizing its needs?

When you’re tired, do you turn to caffeine instead of taking a nap?

When you’re hungry, do you grab the most convenient thing available, or do you prepare and bring a healthy snack and a bottle of high quality water?

Your body is your messenger!

It’s always communicating with you!

It tells you when something’s not right, internally and externally. 

It tells you what it needs and guides you by how you feel!

I lived most of my life attempting to control my body with external substances with complete disregard for its messages.

It had to cry out for help with chronic symptoms before I would listen. 

My body was acting this way, because it wanted change! 


I finally listened!

Its recovery has been a slow, but steady process and I learned one of the most valuable lessons about the body’s true purpose.

Your body is your vehicle for the human experience and your temple for your spiritual experience.

Its purpose is to be your guide during this earthly experience. 

Are you honoring, respecting, and listening to your body?

You only get one life!

And you only get one body to experience it with!

True health and enlightenment is a co-creation with your body.

In Love and Light,


P.S. This email celebrates me FINALLY letting go of resistance and surrendering control to my body! We wrote it together!