💜 Consciously CoCreate Now

Aug 11, 2022
We are all in the process of creating the unlived life within us now. The question is, are you doing this consciously or unconsciously?

✨ I AM that I AM

May 12, 2022
The past few months have been all about letting go to make space for all the new coming in. Do you feel that way too?

❗ LET GO!!!!

Mar 17, 2022
We are all waking up in our own time. The Universe is offering multiple opportunities, so each of us can expand in our own Divine time.

⌛ Time For a Change?

Feb 17, 2022
Do you feel safe? Since I decided to become an international nomad, the number one thing people say to me is “BE SAFE!” EVERYONE SAYS THIS!!!

⌛ If not now, WHEN?

Nov 3, 2020
We all have something in our lives that we hold onto longer than we should, that brings us temporary comfort. But deep down, we know it’s not good for us.

🎭 U Can Leave Ur Mask On

Jul 30, 2020
I feel like these MASKS ARE THE MOST RECENT POLARITY DIVIDING US! I wrote this email a couple of months ago and am finally sending it with my latest feelings.

😴 How do you sleep?

May 28, 2020
One of the life lessons that I’m learning right now is how to quiet my mind and live in more silence. This is an ongoing lesson for me!