Activate Your Soul Purpose

This membership is an activation. It’s intended to ACTIVATE your soul purpose and SUPPORT you as you step into your gifts and own your power.

The reason I’m creating a membership versus one-on-one coaching is because we are all here to cocreate! We each came here with specific unique gifts to support humanity and usher in the new Golden Age. 

I intend this community to be a collaboration. For us to be a resource for each other. I envision you creating global friendships of a lifetime, work collaborations, and maybe even love connections. 

This community is all about Love. Choosing Love, Being Love, Living in Love, Always coming from a Place of Love with every Thought, Feeling, and Action. 

To become all you came here to be is an ongoing practice. That’s why I am providing weekly activations, healings, coaching, and leveraging the powerful energy of the Moon cycles to assist you in creation and letting go.

An activation is an energetic activation of dormant DNA. We each came here with over 100 strands of DNA that in the average human is never activated. This Inactive DNA, referred to as “junk DNA” within the matrix, is actually filled with joy, love, peace, and unique inactive gifts within us. 

As a member of AYSP, each month you will receive: 

🌟 Activation 🌟

🌟 Healing 🌟

🌟 Coaching 🌟

🌟 Moon Ceremony 🌟

🌟 Unlimited Access to Private Online Community Group 🌟

PLUS, Bonus events centered around energetic events. 

Enrollment opening this summer. Subscribe to waitlist below.